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What is LINEN Sales Crediting?

LINEN Sales Crediting automates the complex process of assigning which sales opportunities should be credited to a seller and when. This significantly reduces sales operations payout mistakes while providing accurate calculations during the compensation phase.

  • Simplifies and automates sales crediting needs

  • Gives deeper insights for sales management into deal-level margins

  • Helps you leverage existing investments in Salesforce®, with ability to pull sales orders, opportunities, territory information, etc. directly from Salesforce® and process sales credits

  • Fixes compensation leakage, before it happens, increasing company profitability

  • Helps eliminate incorrect payments, keeping your sales team happy

  • Works with any compensation software. (Xactly, Callidus, Anaplan, IBM, Optymyze, etc)

  • Works with any ERP, POS or transactional system

Sales Credit

Have Teams? Splits? Overlays? Acquisitions? Partners & Channels? Subscriptions? Point-of-Sale? ERP? Multi-year deals?

No Problem!

LINEN is built to handle any scenario you have.  It has a highly configurable and flexible rules engine to suit your business model.

Sales Credit

Like to see a DEMO?

If you'd like to know more of LINEN's capabilities and how it can help with your specific use-cases, contact us*. We're happy to help!

*Proof-of-value requires no upfront investment


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