Quota Management

Streamline the assigning, cascading, and adjusting of setting rep sales quotas!

  • Integrated approach combines org hierarchy, territory planning, and quota setting
  • Seamless approach for delivering quotas on time
  • Meet monthly, quarterly, and annual objectives

How Does It Work?

Using the Salesforce platform, LINEN makes it easy to cascade and assign quotas. Assign sales quotas using a top-down and/or bottom-up approach. Easily adjust and distribute quotes equitably.

Say goodbye to passing around spreadsheets and figuring out deltas in your quota distribution. Now you can benefit from instant system reconciliation of sales manager and sales ops inputs with sellers receiving their quotas in a timely and accurate fashion.

Quota Mgmt 1
Quota Mgmt 2

The LINEN Difference

LINEN seamlessly coordinates sales org hierarchy design, territory setup, and quota management into one workflow.

For example, a change made to your sales hierarchy will adjust everything downstream (such as rep quotas) while updating everyone up the management chain.

No More Silos!

LINEN’s platform solves your quota management challenges.

Sales Pain Point

How we solve it

"My territory isn’t fair and I can’t hit my quota"

Our AI/ML builds equitable territories through routing rules and maps—and adjusts when the data changes

"My quota isn't transparent"

Sales Managers participate in the planning process and can provide inputs and quota overrides in the quota setting workflow