Compensation Plan Management

Efficient coordination of roles, quotas, and objectives for correct compensation plans!

  • Operationally simple process
  • Give your sales reps timely updates to new comp plans
  • Accommodate reps who are onboarding, transitioning roles, or changing territory coverage

How Does It Work?

Using the Salesforce platform, LINEN gives Sales Ops and Sales Managers the ability to efficiently assign, verify, and send compensation plans to reps, even as the reps’ role/territory change.

The customizable toolset ties comp plans to products, solutions, quotas, and SPIFFs for each sales rep, and ensures reps are credited correctly to eliminate shadow accounting and prevent sales comp leakage.

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Stop Loss, Compensate Fairly

With LINEN's comp plan management, sales reps receive accurate and documented compensation tied to their deliverables. When there are comp plan changes, all users are notified through a clear and traceable system