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What is LINEN Cloud?

LINEN Cloud is a Sales Planning & Operations cloud platform focused on helping companies accelerate their go-to-market (GTM) planning, and bringing automation advantages in post-planning sales operations. It helps companies achieve 4-10x speed and efficiencies in both planning and operations.

It's also used by Finance organizations involved in supporting their company's Sales functions and executives, in the areas of GTM Planning, Reporting, Forecasting and Compensation Management.

This gives them time back to do the things they love doing.

What are LINEN Cloud's capabilities?

1. Hierarchy Management

How do we align people, accounts, and products to GTM planning and ongoing operations?

2. Territory

How do we equitably carve out sales territories?

3. Quota

How do we best assign quota to people and territories?

4. Comp Plan

How do we efficiently manage and digitize the rollout and changes to Compensation Plans?

5. Sales Crediting

How do we accurately assign/split the correct credits for agents and teams?

How does this fit in to your existing landscape?

LINEN Cloud is a fully modular cloud solution, that can plug & play with any of your existing CRM, ERP, HRIS, Compensation and BI platforms, with minimal effort. In fact, this is what sets us apart, giving customers lightning speed and agility, with readily accessible capabilities, that don't need the long and expensive builds that many legacy vendors require.