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Why LINEN Sales Hierarchy Management?

LINEN's cloud-based Hierarchy Management platform, built on Salesforce®, helps simplify the ongoing optimization of sales regions and agent assignments needed to support your sales targets. Our application is easy to use and helps your sales operations team quickly adapt to new and evolving business models like subscriptions and usage-based, or manage organizational changes like acquisitions.

What does it do?

Our platform helps companies easily create and manage Sales, Product, Finance or custom hierarchies, without the need for coding or rewiring, to accommodate evolving company strategies. It can be used for sales territory, people or product hierarchy-based rollups typically used for sales compensation. LINEN enables these changes to be executed with minimal or no impact to compensation plans.

LINEN is built to hook into Salesforce's® Territory Management and makes it easy to manage Agent to Territory assignments, including ongoing changes, with a very intuitive interface.

It also serves as a pure hierarchy management platform to feed your Sales Planning, Reporting and Analytics applications.


Maintain sales agent to territory (node) relationships

Create, manage, and publish hierarchies

Drag-and-drop to control parent-to-child node relationships

Use with Sales Crediting for compensation needs, or as a stand-alone app

Use pre-built attributes or configure your own

Custom hierarchies to suit your industry and function

Integrates with any Compensation system (Xactly, Callidus, Anaplan, Oracle, IBM, etc.)

Sales Overlays

Visually powerful and intuitive

Versatile, for use across functions - Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, etc. to manage simple and complex hierarchy needs

Compares hierarchies

Version control for period-based hierarchies

APIs for integrating to any downstream Sales Planning or reporting applications (Tableau, Microsoft, Qlik, Looker, MicroStrategy, Hyperion, Thoughtspot, Anaplan, etc.)

Event tracking provides auditability and transparency to changes

Alerts & Governance

Sales Credit

Does it work with Sales Crediting?

Yes. Hierarchies are often used in determining sales commissions, i.e., a Territorial Hierarchy may be used to determine which agent(s) get credited for a sale in a particular geography or territory. A People Hierarchy rollup may be used to determine how many people in an organization need to get credited (and compensated) for a sale.

LINEN Hierarchy Management works together with Sales Crediting to seamlessly use both Sales Crediting rules and Hierarchy rollups – whether it be Sales, Product or People-based, to ensure that sales people are compensated correctly. LINEN is purpose-built to solve traditional compensation challenges, simplify internal processes and enable compensation accuracy and efficiency.


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